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Dimitris Papadimitriou, DEA – MBA

Head of Wise me

Dimitris PAPADIMITRIOU, DEA – MBA,  People Development Consultant, Innovation Leadership Master Trainer, Personal Branding & Corporate Coach is the Founder and Managing Partner of Wise me.

He obtains an important experience in Leadership, Communication, Intrapreneurship & Innovation Leadership, Personal Branding and Public Speaking training, while focusing on Innovation workshops, delivering Design Thinking, World Café, and 6 Thinking Hats collective intelligence workshops. A keynote speaker for Innovation Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Personal Branding. His studies background are on International Economic Relations (BSc) and Organizational Change (MBA & DEA) .

As a People Development Consultant, Dimitris has a proven track record on Design & Implementation of internal Corporate Academies and Corporate Induction Schools, Accelerated Learning campaigns, Train the Web Trainer and eLearning and web platforms implementation. He has a wide experience of soft skills & Design Thinking training in different business sectors, such as Retail Services, Telecommunications, Banking & Finance, Hospitality & Travel, Pharma and Heavy Industry. He is also a certified Facilitator from Krauthammer and certified corporate Coach.

Dimitris leverages his 15-year experience in Banking sector, initially as a Corporate Credit Manager and then as a Learning Manager, responsible for the corporate training of a major Greek Bank, by implementing, among others,  a 14.000 new employees M&A awarded induction training. He has also design the -HR awarded- 3 weeks Induction Training of the first Greek NPL Servicer. He uses his business experience in order to bring theory into practice and help participants build behavioral habits during his trainings by using the Habits™ learning approach.

Dimitris is also a Coach and Pitching Mentor in  Greek Startup Accelerators & Incubators.

He is also a co-founder of the Habits™ international community in Learning & Development which drives peoples’ change through the establishment of new positive behavioral habits.

email: dpapadimitriou@wiseme.gr

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dimitris-papadimitriou/


Margarita Gourgioti, DNTS

Head of Business Development

Margarita GOURGIOTI, DNTS, Wise me Head of  Business Development, Hospitality Learning & Advisory and CSR Events Advisory. She is also Wise me co-Founder.

Margarita has had over 20 years of international Sales & Marketing experience in Hospitality sector as a Sales Executive and Business Development Director in several 5* Hotels.

She combines her strong academic background in Business Administration (BSc-DNTS) and Tourism & Hospitality Management (BSc) with her solid business experience bringing value at Wise me Learning and Advisory Services.

She is Master Trainer for Wise me Hospitality Learning such as Hospitality Key Account Management & Sales, Contracting Negotiations, Leadership in Hospitality Units, Communication and PR for Hospitality Business and Hospitality Customer Experience. Also a Networking & Sales mentor for Hospitality & Travel Startups.

email: mgourgioti@wiseme.gr

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/margarita-gourgioti/