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by Dimitris Papadimitriou, Managing Partner


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Manage your digital presence as a progress step, not as a necessity.


Digital is the new normal. We are lucky to live historical moments of a worldwide digital transformation. It was about time!

The volume of daily new generated .mp4 and .mov archives has surpassed the .png and .jpeg uploads on the net in just two months!

Suddenly we do not have time to watch Netflix anymore, because we have a scheduled webinar, web-talk, web-shot, web-chat or a web-bite to watch…or even to participate!

Sad to admit, web tools have become the new “big sport car to show off myself” as it was happening with cars back in the 50’s!

Think: Do you see your company’s digital transformation just as a necessity or another step toward progress? “Did we land on the moon just to get there first or because it had some meaning for humanity?”

I share with you my thoughts about how we can innovate and add value to our services by using digital tools. Eight thoughts on how to make another step for our company and our clients and not using digital just because “others did it”, so “we too – have to”.

Thought #1 – Why you do it?

Are you just creating noise to boost your brand visibility or are you giving real value to your customers? Your initially positive intention can be finally related with poor content, bad digital image quality and annoying outcome. Ask yourself: how many web talks have you finally abandoned during the last days? Don’t turn digital without a plan just to survive – market will soon discover it.

Thought #2 – Purpose related actions

You know now why you do digital. For successful outcome you must relate and align your actions with your company’s Vision – Mission and Values. Does this make sense? If it makes sense to you it will make to your followers – clients – partners as well. Produce services aligned with your V-M-V statement. A mentor of mine recently told me:

“Plan your priorities rather than prioritise your actions”.

Is digital an authentic priority or just another action you have to do?

Thought #3 – Plan your 90-day “Go Digital” Process

Now you got it! Plan the next 90 days. Give it a purpose, a meaning and a value. Walk the talk and do not take quick decisions about changing your strategy without checking all the proposed steps. Do you have a 3-month plan? How many types of activities will you implement (e-shop, webinar, videos, web chats, web shots, eLearning, e-badges, podcasts, e.t.c.)? Do you have all the resources you need? Think content, time, equipment,… . Stay calm and realistic.

Thought #4 – Lead Innovation & Digital Transformation

Ask for feedback – how your clients feel about the outcome of your digital service. Ask your own employees about what they did like and what they would do differently after each of your web services. We train people on how to use the ADAPT – ELSA model for feedback, an SBI based feedback model.

Accept your employees “mourning curve” during the change of digital transformation. Change management is a priority during digital transformation and requires leadership skills, motivation skills, negotiations skills, self-motivation, project management skills and trust.

Try to innovate – brainstorm, search alternatives, check the pros and cons, plug out yourself for a while from what everyone else is doing. Be generous with new ideas. Lead innovation ahead. Use Design Thinking tools.

Promote intrapreneurship. Assign roles and responsibilities to every member of your team. Make them embrace the change and engage everyone. Praise the effort, not only the successful outcomes.

Thought #5 – Strategic Positioning

Digital experience can be of high or extremely poor quality. Check your brand positioning and do no discounts on what it needs to be done accordingly. Use your experience to build your customer’s digital experience on the same way you built it until today. For example, from my experience I have personally concluded to the fact that a webinar with more than 16 participants is no longer a training but a presentation, as minimum of interaction with participants can be achieved. Therefore, as a company we adjust prices and offers to that concept (<16 or >16) with respect on our service quality standards.

Thought #6 – Quality & Experience

Two main elements must attract your attention when planning to go digital:

Customer journey: use the Persona Journey – Service Design – Design Thinking tool to design every little detail and produce innovation for your partner-clients. (an extreme exemple of  service design use while designing our services: one of our digital Learning products for C-Levels includes a wise-me branded cup of cofee for participants during the e-session). If you are not familiar with the Service Design, contact us – we inspire and train people on how to use it in everyday life!

Product quality: pay attention to both Content and Equipment (upgrade your image quality, sound quality and background scenario). Remember about instructional design if you are a trainer, about communication skills if you are a professional or a freelancer. If you yell out in social media that you are “digital” pay for the best equipment and deliver high quality and value services.

Thought #7 – Do not exaggerate

As you are reading this article all you care is content -not my beautiful face – so that is why I didn’t create a video of me talking to you in front of a green screen with my fake office background. Do not use digital for everything especially if this is not the meaning and value of your work. As we love to say at wise me: Content is King, Digital is its Successor!

Thought #8  – Take it on the next level – Ask an expert!

Since 2015 I have trained a cohort of about 120 internal web trainers in several companies, I was the PM of the HR digital transformation of a major Greek bank, I am now leading a team of 7 eLearning experts and I have already a business experience with three digital oriented startups (2 on Learning sector and 1 in Hospitality sector). Still, I am always searching for advices from other experts and build useful partnerships. Digital is not just pixels and megabytes. There is a lot more behind it and the change tempo is hard to follow.

You may contact us at welcome@wiseme.gr and we can share with you our experience and services to set your digital culture and support your transformation project to get a meaning and add value.