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Crisis Management demands a lot of skills and competencies. Leaders are challenged to reach their limits and perform the maximum of their leadership skills. In these difficult times, try to remember about your intrapreneurship competencies.

Intrapreneurship definition combines Accountability (1), Creativity (2), and Resilience (3).

Accountability: During crisis a Leader should take quick and difficult decisions, always with respect to his company processes and hierarchy. He must bring solutions or alternatives and back up plans. The Leader must take over responsibilities and apply Critical thinking, Positive Mindset and Teamwork in order to drive productive outcomes. Remember your CSR and be generous.

Think quickly, voice out choices, evaluate and brainstorm, apply, be generous.

Creativity: If your crisis backup plan doesn’t work, or you don’t have one, remember to be creative. Remove barriers that are produced due to stress and pessimism. Gather information from diverse sources and take the positive elements of each one. Use creativity tools like design thinking or brainstorming sessions. Set clear goals in order to produce useful outcomes. Don’t forget that crisis will end sooner or later, and you must have your after-crisis plan.

Resilience: Try to apply everything you know about Resilience. By cultivating your resilience skills you will be able to:

Be prepared for your next steps.

Reactivate yourself from stress and think better your plan for the after-crisis period.

Leverage your crisis experience with a positive mindset and outcome.

  1. Try to remember difficult situations that you managed with success in the past. Bring out the image of those situations and try to maximize your self-belief and your optimism. Life has continued after all, so you did it well.
  2. Clearly set the goals you want to achieve. Don’t make it big, think of small, purposeful goals.
  3. Use all your creativity to achieve ideas generation. The more ideas you bring the more chances to thrive.
  4. Think Positive and try to look at the bright side of life. During crisis it is absolutely normal to feel depress or taken under fear. Don’t let those difficult emotions take control of you. Ask for help if needed.
  5. And ask for help, again and again.

Remember, be ready to deal with change just after the crisis is over. After a crisis, things will never be the same again. Try to be proactive and find out the opportunities of that change.

Dimitris Papadimitriou | Managing Partner – Wise me Innovation in Learning & Development