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Joseph Campbell’s book “The hero with a thousand faces”* reveals that there is a certain common process, the “hero’s -journey” for all heroes’ stories.** Same goes for a freelancer! If you are prepared for this journey, it will surely be more easy to understand where you are going. Here is the most probable process, taking inspiration from J.Campbell’s model!

Scene 1 – The decision to Change

It is always an important moment that drives you to take the decision to change it all. Leave that easy-going career life and start your own journey in search of your real destiny, discovering yourself and your capabilities. Every journey starts from an important moment, usually a personal shock or a moment of self awareness.

Scene 2 – The Fear of the Unknown

As you ‘re preparing yourself for this new journey, many new fears will arise and soon you will doubt if you have the forces and skills that it takes to continue. Some of you, will also make some steps back and push the brakes.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek” – Joseph Campbell

Scene 3 – Identify your Mentor

In that stage, you will need all the help you can take to boost yourself with self-confidence. Usually it is the time to identify a mentor or a co-traveler in this heroic new journey of Freelancing. Be positive to any generous and good-will help from others, find a mentor that is ready to bet on your success.

Scene 4 – Departure and Failures

Then, having found the strengths you will start your venture, trying new things, testing approaches, doing mistakes, and finally become wounded. An entrepreneur usually fails in his firsts efforts. It is not your fate, it’s the rule. Be ready and don’t give up!

Scene 5 – Grief and Re-evaluate the journey

After the first failure, there is always a grief period***. At this stage, you will take care of your wounds and you will need help to ride again that horse, but now you will be even more self-motivated. This step can take much time. When the come-back is achieved, you ‘ll have gained multiplied self-confidence points!

Scene 6 – Stand-by

Your mentor is always discretely present to drive you to your comeback. You are preparing yourself for the battle. Planning, studying next steps, alternatives, possibilities, cultivating your exemplary entrepreneurship behaviour. Prepare your armoury and weapons for the battle. You think this will be your big win or final loss. Day by day you become wiser and more experienced. Reload your positive inner attitude to accelerate the process.

Scene 7 – Becoming your Hero version – Transformation!

And then there is the final battle. Many ups and down, many wounds and many recaps, courage, ethic dilemmas, the total skills’ developing period. Until finally you are satisfied with your achievements. You have won!

The re-birth of yourself, the new version of YOU. Your hero-version! You are now wiser and more experienced than ever, standing on your own foundations. You are now a FREELANCER!


Plus a coaching tip: Before starting your journey, imagine “the future you”. Decide how you imagine yourself as a successful Freelancer. Create your own version of you as a hero. Use this image every time you are lacking of courage or orientation. Make that picture your compass. 

Dimitris Papadimitriou  | Managing Partner – Wise me Innovation in Learning & Development


* The hero with a thousand faces, Joseph Campbell, Princeton University Press, 1948 Learn more about Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey.

**This concept is usually used as a storytelling method and is often used on such type of trainings.

***According to The Kübler-Ross model, there are 5 stages during the grief process: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. This model may be applied in every type of psychological grief situation.

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