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Are you a new arrival in Entrepreneurship? Are you becoming a freelancer after a long lasting employee career? Do you have a great vision for your business plan? Here are my 6 successful principles that will help you not to quit from your life-dreaming project and achieve your goals.

Principle 1 : Amaze yourself every day

As a baby, everything was amazing and new to you. And that is the most accelerated and creative period of a human’s life. Discovering new things is a trigger to unfold a long wave of brain energy. Being amazed by something is helping your ability to focus on things, therefore being more productive, analytic, precise and creative.

So the first principle is: discover new things around you every day. Don’t fall in the trap of routine’s safety. Be enthusiast for everything you do. As Michael Virardi has said in one of his short speeches, enthusiasm is coming from the greek word “εν θείω – en theio” that means “the God within – Release that God within to the outside world”.

Principle 2: Implement short and smart personal tasks daily

…or “make your bed every day”. As William McRaven, US Navy Admiral exhorts us, “making your bed every day” is your every day’s first accomplished task. It will encourage you to proceed to the next task and will give a short precious pride to yourself. There is place for routines in your life, as long as they are meaningful, smart and helping you to achieve your goal.

So what could you do as a first small meaningful accomplishment that helps you develop and rediscover yourself? You could set one hour of reading, following an e-course, having personal meetings or throwing brainstorming sessions. It could actually be anything, as long as you keep it short and simple. Try selecting a task that will help you being more aware on new ideas, rediscover the world, see things differently or start to accomplish a new project.

Major Principle: Become the ambassador of exemplary behaviour

Behave like a Leader by setting the example of outstanding professionalism and entrepreneurship. Exemplary behaviour is one of the 4 Human Capital Development pillars and you can train yourself for that if necessary. Become the motivator of your collaborators and personnel, learn to behave and manage your clients. Krauthammer’s Leadership Modules can help you develop an exemplary managerial and entrepreneurial behaviour.

Principle 3: Be positive in every situation you must confront with

Create and maintain a positive inner attitude. People have the tendency to first see the negative aspect of things. Be aware of that and search the positive, creative aspect, the added value on any problem you must confront.

In this interesting new journey on entrepreneurship, don’t ever listen to Kassandra’s voice, don’t take pessimism into consideration, challenge every difficulty and every problem that arises.

Principle 4: Challenge everything with creativity tools and techniques

Play the “think out of the box” game. Every solution you think for a problem, every new product you see around you, put it into a serious design thinking “challenge”. Is it really a new innovative product or service? Could you have a better idea for that?

Some years ago, while I was participating on a smart workshop of a Greek startup, called DesignThinkers Greece, I had realized that we can even design and re-design our way of thinking! Do that your everyday challenge. Start scoring yourself on a week basis: Did you practice your creativity mind-set at least five times every week?

Principle 5: Create logs

An active mind will always come up with ideas, thoughts or tasks that matter – but which distract you from the project or goal you are working on. They may be important or not. How do-you keep your mind undistracted, clear and calm to proceed with the tasks at hand? One way is to create logs that you evaluate periodically, say every Friday afternoon. This is a tip I am always sharing during my courses on Entrepreneurship behaviour and Personal Branding with young Greek entrepreneurs and start-uppers. For example:

-“Ideas” Log. For people who have plenty of ideas all the time. Idea generators often fail on concentrating and can’t focus on one thing. This may lead you on a one-sided “thinker” behaviour and distract you from being also a “doer”. Create an archive of your ideas for future use, and let your mind forget them for the time being.

-“Stress” Log. Take a moment to write down the stressful points of your daily life. Once there are written down, you don’t need to remember them anymore and can now move forward. You will soon realize that many of them are miscellaneous or even ridiculous and much less important of your success’ vision!

-“Things to do” Log. It will help you prioritize things and clear your mind from that “laundry-type” noisy and blurred thoughts that are running and making circles on your mind.

Principle 6: Manage your time in order to save brain energy

Break down your working day into chunks of work and time-outs. The average balance according to researchers is 15 minutes of rest every 45 minutes of work. Find out your own balance between work and rest time and keep your energy levels high. This will help you go faster and be more productive in everything you do. You will also start to see things as simple as they really are. Just rest your mind. You deserve it.

Δημήτρης Παπαδημητρίου  | Managing Partner – Wise me Innovation in Learning & Development