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Soft Skills Intuitive Learning

From Theory to Practice

The Habits™ learning approach

As Stephen Guise says, a “mini habit” is a positive behavior that you perform in its smallest component until it becomes second nature.

What if we can easily follow that rule for Soft Skills & behavioral development?

Habits™ approach divides desired positive behavior outcomes into small steps that later-on will become main personal habits. Behavior role models are constructed and agreed from Participants during a team-coaching learning session together with the Facilitator. We focus not only to the “What we want to achieve” but also to the “How we will achieve that on a daily basis”. We value the Outcome, still we focus on Process.

Repetition and repeated success of role model behaviors are basic elements of each course design. Thus, the process can turn any new mini behavioral habit into a new lifelong pattern. Participants are invited to walk the talk outside their comfort zone during a challenging participating training process.

Follow up sessions and blended learning tools are focusing on the success of the new habits establishment process.

The Habits™ concept for establishing habits on learned behaviors is beautiful in its simplicity!

Key success factors

Our Personality is our own unique set of habits.

We first decide our Ideal Unique Identity (step 1). Who do we want to be like?

Then we choose habits that will drive us to achieve our desirable goals (step 2).

We are facilitating team – coaching learning sessions, we don’t just present power point slides.

Forming their own role model behaviors together with the guidance of our Facilitator, Participants boost their willpower to implement short small behavioral steps. Willpower has longer impact in time than motivation power.


A great Leader cultivates humble and authentic behaviors. The Leader will drive change, coach his people, motivate their accountability and creativity, and take crucial decisions.

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A successful Salesman cultivates behaviors that lead clients to trust and loyalty. Building long lasting relations and managing accounts are key, as are pitching to convince a prospective customer in 5 minutes. Closing the deal & follow up guarantee success.

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HR is the heart of every organization. Though HR professionals are responsible for enhancing Development and Success with the organization’s people, how many chances do they have to develop themselves? From HR Personal Branding to HR Leadership and even more specific skills such as Interview Skills or the Assessor Skillset.

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Communication is an Art. There are no rules: one must discover his authenticity to communicate effectively. Presentation skills can be taught through practice and grit. Finally, efficient feedback is the key to improving both performance and communication.

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We live in the era of User Experience. Successful companies transform Customer Service into Customer Excellence. Service Design and Design Thinking may boost your service quality and your clients’ loyalty.

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Why do we focus on Hospitality? Because it is the Future of the Greek Economy. We adjust soft skills needs to the unique Hospitality Sector. Leadership, Customer Experience, Communication, and Mystery Shopper Services.

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There are personal skills that can help people thrive, when developed: Managing Time, Managing the Creative Mind, Managing Stress & Fear, or building Personal Branding. People can build habits for success.

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Future is as simple as present, if we can start imagining it. Collective intelligence tools help teams design new services, products or processes. Design Thinking, Service Design, World Café, and 6 Thinking Hats can be implemented to any company, depending to what the desirable outputs are.

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Our way of understanding changes in the workplace drives us to design engaging eLearning tools. Digital Learning and Innovation is our indisputable answer to today’s workplace learning challenges…

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We are a team of HR, Learning Professionals and Sales Experts. With more than 15 years of experience, we bring tailor-made blended learning experiences in classroom or digital solutions (eLearning). We put Theory into Practice by building strong practical behavioral Habits. Learn more…